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Neil Bryant – http://www.latitudearchitects.com/

Just a quick note to say how well my back is doing, and to say thank you for all the work you have done over the last year. A couple of weeks ago I did a bike race in Scotland. I drove all the way to Scotland for over 7 hours with no ill effect, […]

Emily Prior

After my daughter was born I had an excruciating pain in front of my pelvis. A friend recommended Isabel who fixed me in just one treatment. Isabel also helped me with my breastfeeding which I had given up on. As a student midwife Isabel taught me how to hold my baby in a good position […]

Gardening Safely

Gardening Safely.

General back care for gardening

General back care for gardening.



Osteopathy explained

Osteopathy explained.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports.

How MBT Footwear Will Improve Your Posture

With so many people suffering from joint pain and posture problems, the role of this trusted and respected osteopath London is developing. Here at Fulham Osteopathic Care we aim to do all we can to reduce the pain you are suffering from and improve your posture so that issues such as back problems are reduced. […]

Osteopath Prices for Treatment in London

It's reassuring to know of what is included in the price when in search of osteopathic care. Fulham Osteopathic Care give a breakdown in this latest news post.

Where to Find an Osteopathic Clinic in London

This latest post explains where in London you can find relief for those suffering from aches or pains, in the form of effective osteopathic treatment.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy London – Prenatal Osteopathy Fulham

Our Pregnancy massage therapy and pre-natal osteopathy at Fulham Osteopathic Care, London is specifically tailored for the expectant mother’s needs. How is pregnancy massage therapy and pre-natal Osteopathy different from regular treatment? The mother’s body must be properly positioned and supported during the massage, using pillows and padding. Proper positioning ensures safety and comfort for […]

Back Pain and Sciatica London

Low back pain and sciatica may hinder a person’s lifestyle. It can turn the simple day to day tasks we perform into painful and awkward experiences, and as a result impair our ability to do things as effectively as we would usually. Many people choose to ignore the problem as it may subside for a […]

Upper Back PainTreatment London

If you’re suffering from upper back pain London Osteopath at Fulham Osteopathic Care can offer pain relief. Pain in this area can either stem from joint misalignment, discs or nerve and soft tissue irritation. A large number of nerves travel through the upper back and so pain in this area could be the result of […]

How do MBTs Work?

The key to MBT is the revolutionary, curved sole construction. The interplay of the patented shank, the PU midsole, and the Masai Sensor creates natural instability which normally is only experienced when walking barefoot on soft, uneven ground. This natural instability can activate the body’s supporting muscle system and has positive effects on the entire […]

Choosing Correct Footwear

Flatter broad shoes are best for your feet and back Good footwear should have a support across the front of your ankle to help hold the shoe on High heels (especially stillettos) should be avoided – these are less stable and may cause injury. High heels also alter the natural curve of your spine Shoes […]