Back Pain and Sciatica London
Back Pain and Sciatica London

Low back pain and sciatica may hinder a person’s lifestyle. It can turn the simple day to day tasks we perform into painful and awkward experiences, and as a result impair our ability to do things as effectively as we would usually. Many people choose to ignore the problem as it may subside for a while, but it then returns just as debilitating and painful as before. Back Pain London should be recognised and treated by registered osteopath London..

There are many causes of lower back pain, and in order to treat such a condition, it is important to first understand the correct origins of its development. There are wide and numerous causes, but the most common include muscle strains, joint alignment problems, disc strains and stress.

Osteopathy London aims to correct spinal motion, and works to align the spine, it has proven to be the one of the most effective methods of treatment as it doesn’t simply relieve the symptoms, itestablishes and treats the uderlying cause. At Fulham Osteopath London, we use effective methods to achieve this.

Sciatica is also a painful and inconvenient condition. As the longest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve stretches from your pelvis and extends down each leg. If you notice a pain in these areas, then you may be suffering from the condition. Osteopath London also has the expertise to treat this, to ensure you receive the very best treatment.

If you can relate to any of the conditions discussed, get in touch with our clinic today to begin the invaluable treatment to cure your back pain and sciatica London.