Is now more than 1 year that I first went to Isabel.. At that time I was looking for an osteopath to help me with a back problem… I found Isabel looking on the web. I sent her a mail, explained my problem and she replied me very quickly saying, “Yes I can help you”… […]


For Isabel, her profession is a calling and passion. She gives it all her heart. Her patients’ wellbeing is her goal. And she achieves it with incredible knowledge and skill. Out of all the people I had seen for my condition, she was the only one that diagnosed it correctly, which was confirmed by the […]


Isabel is the most passionate and dedicated person I have ever met in her profession She helped me to resolve all my back pains. Now she is helping me during my pregancy to avoid any back pain and feel great in my body. Thank you so much Isabel !!!

Nicole Allan

I first visited Isabel through a recommendation from a work colleague when I was experiencing terrible lower back pain caused by weak discs. I had had this problem for almost ten years, and have moved from practitioner to practitioner while having problems every few months. In the two years since seeing Isabel for my initial […]


La première fois que j’ai rendu visite à Isabel c’était il y a deux ans. Après plusieurs mois de souffrance au niveau du dos/ventre et plusieurs examens médicaux sans résultat, Isabel a réussi à me remettre sur pieds. Il lui a suffi de quelques minutes pour déterminer le problème (un lumbago dans mon cas) et […]

Robert Ford-Cross

“Following a very healthy and active lifestyle I recently suffered a torn ligament in my ankle and after many months decided professional help was needed. I am also a long-standing sufferer of costochondritis, inflammation of the cartilage that connects the end of each rib with the breastbone, but had never had it properly treated. I […]

Neil Bryant

“Just a quick note to say how well my back is doing, and to say thank you for all the work you have done over the last year. A couple of weeks ago I did a bike race in Scotland. I drove all the way to Scotland for over 7 hours with no ill effect, […]


“I saw Isabel for a horrible shoulder pain which had been bothering me for a few months and it stopped me from playing tennis. After just three treatments the pain had completely gone and I could lift my arm up above my head. I wish I had come in sooner for treatment. If I ever […]

Jean Power

“I suffered from immense pain for over a decade which gave me limited use of my arm and hand as well as immense pain which affected my work, life and sleep. MRI’s, tests, numerous visits to my GP and hospitals and even an operation got me nowhere other than the advice to learn to live […]


Rachel Gillies

“During my pregnancy I was getting uncomfortable and tired. My husband surprised me with a much needed course of pregnancy massage treatments as ‘my time’ to relax and unwind. The pregnancy treatment couch is clever and I felt very comfortable lying on my tummy. Isabel has helped me prepare more than just physically for the […]

Alycia Fulton

During my recent vacation to Greece, I had the pleasure of meeting Isabel on a catamaran cruise. On the second day of my holiday, I fell down marble stairs thus injuring my wrist, lower back, mid back, and neck. I was in excruciating pain, and I had very limited range of motion–especially in my neck. […]

Thank You Anna!

Anna’s diligence and excellent technique got my hamstring back on track and got me running again!

I recommend Anna completely!

I ended up seeing Anna more for necessity than anything else, but I am now a regular! I used to hate treatments before, but I heavily injured my back at the gym and I needed to do something about it this time. Anna fixed my back little by little and now I feel my muscles […]

Amy Lewis

I thoroughly recommend and trust Isabel. I had been in trouble with a painful shoulder for 5 months. I had seen a physio and had been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen almost everyday. I was feeling really low by the time I saw Isabel. Isabel took the time to listen to me and work out what […]

Jeanine Gaffier

Isabel a su trouver le “fil conducteur” de mes douleurs récurrentes (épaules, bras, genoux, hanches) et me soulager presque dans l’immédiat. Un immense regret j’habite Paris, elle habite Londres!