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Victoria Bennett

Isabel’s treatment has really helped to alleviate my back and shoulder pain. Her flexibility in offering weekend and evening appointments makes life very easy. Isabel is now treating me during my pregnancy and I trust her 100 per cent. She not only helps me manage an increasingly sore back and pelvis but listens and gives […]

Shoes, Bags and Back Pain

Wearing high heeled shoes and carrying  heavy bags can cause back problems. Shanilla Isabel Diaz is a registered osteopath based in Fulham, Treating back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain in Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Putney. With appointments available 7 days a week, from early morning to late into the evening. Saturday and Sunday appointments […]


I found Isabel online searching for an Osteopath in my neighbourhood as I was in dire need of treatment for neck pain. I was glad to reach out to Isabel. The treatments provided me with instant relief which lasted a very long time and the sessions were also a great opportunity to unwind. I will […]

Are heels bad for your posture?

Are ballet pumps bad for my posture?


An Osteopath who works out of hours is unusual. An Osteopath like Isabel is 1 in 100. Her approach is thorough, adaptive and supportive. With a genetic disc problem I visited Isabel in a lot of pain. After my first treatment I slept the whole night without waking. Isabel is engaged and talented. Working together […]

Outdoor fitness in cold weather

Outdoor fitness in cold weather.


I had been in excruciating pain for two days due to acute torticollis for which there was no obvious cause. I had visited a GP who had prescribed muscle relaxants and mild pain killers, to no effect. Having seen no improvement after 2 days and with a long haul flight to get on the following […]

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Back Pain during Pregnancy.

Back Pain due to a Disc Problem

Disc Herniation.

Tennis and Back Pain

Tennis and back pain.

Back pain and office ergonomics

Back pain and office ergonomics.

Cycling with back pain

Cycling with back pain.

Thanks From Megan

I saw Isabel for a horrible shoulder pain which had been bothering me for a few months and it stopped me from playing tennis. After just three treatments the pain had completely gone and I could lift my arm up above my head. I wish I had come in sooner for treatment. If I ever […]

Jean Power – http://www.jeanpower.com/

I suffered from immense pain for over a decade which gave me limited use of my arm and hand as well as immense pain which affected my work, life and sleep. MRI’s, tests, numerous visits to my GP and hospitals and even an operation got me nowhere other than the advice to learn to live […]