I had been in excruciating pain for two days due to acute torticollis for which there was no obvious cause. I had visited a GP who had prescribed muscle relaxants and mild pain killers, to no effect. Having seen no improvement after 2 days and with a long haul flight to get on the following day, I was dreading the pain I thought I would have to endure. I searched the Internet for an out of hours osteopath in what I thought would be a futile attempt. However, I found Shanilla’s practice which was open until 9pm on a Saturday and was just a mile down the road from my hotel. Shanilla spoke with me on the phone and I briefly explained the problem; I was booked in for a session 2 hours later. I was somewhat nervous about the session as I had never had the treatment but Shanilla was careful to take the time to explain everything that she was going to do. She had a very relaxing manner and the actual set-up of the practice also served to put me at ease. I’m not going to lie and say it was a comfortable experience as I was in severe pain, but after an hour of some pretty thorough manipulation, Shanilla was able to release the areas in my back, which were contributing to my neck problem, as well as my actual neck. After the session Shanilla advised that I should feel better within a couple of days. Whilst still in some considerable discomfort, there was a definite release in pressure immediately after the session. By that evening I was able to sleep properly and comfortably on my back and on waking the next morning I had regained 90% of the mobility in my neck and the pain had virtually gone. I cannot recommend shanilla’s service highly enough; professional, friendly, informative and able to put you at ease. I’m writing this now from the lounge in the airport, about to get on a 13 hour flight and I am not concerned about it at all. Something I felt very differently about yesterday. Thank you so much!