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Alexander Technique for Confidence and Ease of Movement

When Angelina Jolie is in the room, everyone takes notice! She is elegant and graceful in her body. Angelina Jolie doesn’t have to use any acting tricks to convince us she can ‘own a room, the screen or the red carpet.’ Standing out and ‘owning the room’ is an art unto itself, and a very […]

Yoga and Pilates Classes

Click here for schedule Studio Timetable £18 per class £100 for 6 Classes (valid up to 6 months) Booking and payment is required in advance – 24 hour cancellation policy To book your class please call 020 7736 1846 General Yoga our classes are taught in small groups of 6 people per class. Due to the attention […]

Alycia Fulton

During my recent vacation to Greece, I had the pleasure of meeting Isabel on a catamaran cruise. On the second day of my holiday, I fell down marble stairs thus injuring my wrist, lower back, mid back, and neck. I was in excruciating pain, and I had very limited range of motion–especially in my neck. […]

Holiday Season: Travelling with Back Pain

Most people with back pain dread getting on a plane.  Carrying luggage and sitting in a confined space for a prolonged period can aggravate back and neck pain.  In my osteopathic practice one of the most common complaints I hear from my patients is flying. Here are some tips to make your flight a bit […]

Sports Massage London – Summer Special Discount

This August 2015 we are offering a special discount on our sports massage therapy. 1 hour treatment – £60 30 minute treatment – £40 Call 020 7736 1846

Cold Pressed Juice from Grind @ Fulham Osteopathic Care

Cold Pressed Juice In FulhamThere is juice and then there is cold pressed juice! These juices contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than those made with a traditional centrifugal blade juicer. The fresh fruit and vegetables are “pressed” so the maximum amount of goodness is extracted without damaging the enzymes leaving a raw and fresh […]

Pilates for Treating Back Pain

Pilates is widely considered to be the most effective form of exercise for back pain, but why? As an osteopath I see many patients suffering with back pain.  As well as treating my patients with manual therapy, I also prescribe Pilates based exercises to support my treatment and facilitate recovery.  In my experience Pilates is […]

Cycling With Back Pain

Low back pain and neck pain are common complaints amongst cyclists and can be debilitating, having far reaching effects on your sports performance as well as your work and social life. There are a number of structures that are affected due to the prolonged flexed posture of the low back while cycling. This includes muscular […]

Welcome to our new practice on Fulham Road

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new practice at 959-961 Fulham Road, SW6 5HY. The practice benefits from three treatment rooms, a spacious reception area and a separate pilates/yoga studio. Working alongside Isabel Diaz (Osteopath and Midwife) are Tommi Sliiden (Osteopath and Remedial Massage Therapist), Anna Wylie (Osteopath) and Wioleta Bialy (Physiotherapist). […]

Thank You Anna!

Anna’s diligence and excellent technique got my hamstring back on track and got me running again!

I recommend Anna completely!

I ended up seeing Anna more for necessity than anything else, but I am now a regular! I used to hate treatments before, but I heavily injured my back at the gym and I needed to do something about it this time. Anna fixed my back little by little and now I feel my muscles […]

Amy Lewis

I thoroughly recommend and trust Isabel. I had been in trouble with a painful shoulder for 5 months. I had seen a physio and had been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen almost everyday. I was feeling really low by the time I saw Isabel. Isabel took the time to listen to me and work out what […]

Jeanine Gaffier

Isabel a su trouver le “fil conducteur” de mes douleurs récurrentes (épaules, bras, genoux, hanches) et me soulager presque dans l’immédiat. Un immense regret j’habite Paris, elle habite Londres!

Jasper Dalgliesh

I first contacted Isabel after moving to London and finding that I was having bad issues with my back and neck, not surprising being 6’3″ and having abused my back for quite a few years with long weighted runs in the Army and playing rugby. I also suffer from disk degeneration in the spine. I […]

Hannah Parry

Got me back on my feet so I could get on with my work!