During my recent vacation to Greece, I had the pleasure of meeting Isabel on a catamaran cruise. On the second day of my holiday, I fell down marble stairs thus injuring my wrist, lower back, mid back, and neck. I was in excruciating pain, and I had very limited range of motion–especially in my neck. Isabel graciously offered to “take a look” at my neck while on the catamaran and subsequently adjusted my neck, restored range of motion, and immediately relieved the acute pain that I was experiencing. I cannot praise Isabel enough. Isabel is the quintessential combination of compassionate care, excellent clinical skills, and personalized physician/patient relationship. Since returning to the United States, my chiropractor and massage therapist have both stated that they are “amazed” that my back and neck are in such good shape following my severe fall. I am positive that Isabel’s adjustment on the catamaran allowed my body to begin healing and protected me from further exacerbation or injury. If you want a professional who has superior clinical knowledge and experience, who is gracious and compassionate, and who is passionate about providing you with the best personalized care, then you must choose Isabel.