I discovered Isabel by searching on Google on a Sunday morning. I was suffering with painful sciatica in my back and leg. I was not expecting to find an osteopath who could see me at short notice, especially on a Sunday, but fortunately Isabel saw me the same day. So far, I have received 4 treatments with Isabel, she has also prescribed specific exercises, which I do religiously. I can confidently say that I barely notice my back pain and sciatica. The plan is to see Isabel once every six to eight weeks for maintenance sessions, which I intend to adhere to. Over the years, I have seen several osteopaths, physiotherapists and back specialists, Isabel’s treatments and exercise plan have proved most successful. The appointment times are convenient, with evening and weekend availability. I found her treatment room to be professional and charming. Isabel always welcomes me with a warm smile and a cold glass of water. I always feel so much better after seeing Isabel; she is magic.