I had a lumbar spine fusion and stabilisation operation after a car accident. The surgeon who carried out the operation, recommend me to regularly mobilize my back with the adequate exercise for my injury. However, my decision of taking my Pilates lessons in a central London gym did help my back as long as they do not give personal and bespoke care for people with specific injuries. Therefore, I started to have constant pain around my lumbar area. My local GP referred me to the Hospital for physiotherapy sessions. However, I was advised to learn to live with my pain or take painkillers because it was “normal” that I had pain due to my back operation. I got in contact with Isabel, primarily because she works out of hours and gives you great flexibility. Her dedication is terrific. She is always trying to accommodate herself to her patients’ needs. She is also very warm and takes the time to explain everything which is very important in order to make you feel relaxed in her practice. We started with weekly sessions to treat my pain and I am now just seeing her every 6 weeks for a general “check up” also for my shoulders and legs. For me, she is the perfect osteopath because she has the knowledge, she is professional and shows the right empathy with the patients. I cannot recommend Isabel enough. A big thank you!!!