After 20 years of visiting many chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and osteopaths after massive spinal surgery, Isabel is a truly amazing find! She has an innate ability to put you at ease and I never fail to walk out after my appointment feeling far more mobile and most importantly, in far less pain! So much so in fact, that I barely need to visit Isabel very much anymore except for maintenance and the odd stiff neck. Isabel has also shown me various ways to stretch and look after my spine which have helped to rehabilitate my cold injury. Last year, my then 6 year old son fell off a jungle gym and hurt his ribs. In spite of the fact that he’s painfully shy, Isabel managed to convince him to let her treat him and after one session she sorted out the problem and he was back to his usual, energetic self. Last but not least, after about a year of nagging, Isabel and I managed to convince my very stubborn husband to visit her for his incredibly tight, painful upper back and shoulders. After several appointments to fix years of stress, he is a complete convert! If you can do one thing for yourself or a family member who has pain, book an appointment. Isabel is a warm, friendly, very intelligent woman with an incredible gift for healing!