Tips for a Healthy Back
Tips for a Healthy Back

There is a lot you can do to ensure your back remains healthy

During repetitive tasks take frequent breaks or vary your activity

Bend your knees when reaching down or lifting, and carry wieght close to your body not at arms legth – keep your back straight and recruit your tummy muscles to support your spine.

Use a sensible bag, crrying heavy bags on one shoulder is a no-no. Call your local Fulham Osteopath to find out more about the ‘Healthy Back Bag’

Manage your weight – increased weight will put added strain on your spine and joints. Good nutrition will support the health of your body

Invest in a good quality and supportive matress and pillow

Do your best to ensure your workplace is ergonomically friendly. Avoid slumping and take long deep breaths using your diaphragm

Give up smoking! Smoking has a dehydrating affect on your discs

Consider your footwear – MBT physiological footwear will decrease strain on your back. Call us for a free expert fitting and training session. £5 off osteopathy treatment with every purchase of MBT!

Have regular osteopathic maintenance treatments to help keep your body functioning well. Make an appointment with Fulham osteopath London today!