Jean Power – http://www.jeanpower.com/

I suffered from immense pain for over a decade which gave me limited use of my arm and hand as well as immense pain which affected my work, life and sleep. MRI’s, tests, numerous visits to my GP and hospitals and even an operation got me nowhere other than the advice to learn to live […]

Neil Bryant – http://www.latitudearchitects.com/

Just a quick note to say how well my back is doing, and to say thank you for all the work you have done over the last year. A couple of weeks ago I did a bike race in Scotland. I drove all the way to Scotland for over 7 hours with no ill effect, […]

Emily Prior

After my daughter was born I had an excruciating pain in front of my pelvis. A friend recommended Isabel who fixed me in just one treatment. Isabel also helped me with my breastfeeding which I had given up on. As a student midwife Isabel taught me how to hold my baby in a good position […]