Jasper Dalgliesh

I first contacted Isabel after moving to London and finding that I was having bad issues with my back and neck, not surprising being 6’3″ and having abused my back for quite a few years with long weighted runs in the Army and playing rugby. I also suffer from disk degeneration in the spine. I […]

Hannah Parry

Got me back on my feet so I could get on with my work!

Sarah Doyle

I first attended Isabel in February 2011. I had intermittent excruciating sciatica that had begun after an accident and had progressively gotten worse – it prevented me from running and doing yoga, my favourite pastimes. Isabel saw me within one hour of calling her. Not only did she realign my entire body, but she continues […]


I discovered Isabel by searching on Google on a Sunday morning. I was suffering with painful sciatica in my back and leg. I was not expecting to find an osteopath who could see me at short notice, especially on a Sunday, but fortunately Isabel saw me the same day. So far, I have received 4 […]

Maud Bergvelt – Legal Consultant http://www.hylton-potts.com

I started going to Isabel for treatment a few months ago, when my back-pain was so bad I could hardly walk. Already, after the first one hour treatment, I noticed a marked improvement, and I am so glad I found her. She is extremely professional and thorough, and is able to give me out of […]

Laura Finch-Knightley

I came to see Isobel when I was pregnant with my first child. Having always suffered with lower back problems, I was worries that being pregnant would only make things worse. Isobel was my savior! I hardly suffered at all and just as well as I was carrying a 10lb 5oz baby by the end! […]

Maria Rodriguez – Business Developtment

I had a lumbar spine fusion and stabilisation operation after a car accident. The surgeon who carried out the operation, recommend me to regularly mobilize my back with the adequate exercise for my injury. However, my decision of taking my Pilates lessons in a central London gym did help my back as long as they […]

Anne Heelan – Dentist http://www.gdc-uk.org/pages/GDCSearchResults.aspx?RegNumber=&Surname=heelan&qs=1

I found Isabel on a random internet search looking for a local osteopath who worked weekends, and boy did I strike gold! I suffered with intermittent severe shoulder pain and neck pain which was interfering with my work as a dentist and life in general. Isabel helps me manage it and I feel so much […]

Manjit Bansal – CE0 http://www.jobsavvigrad.com/index.php

After spending numerous sessions with a Chiropractor and getting no results, a friend recommended seeing Isabel. Isabel spent the time to understand all my symptoms and medical history. Isabel managed to get to the root cause of my problem within 5 minutes of examining me and immediately started work on the area of my spine […]

Sam Johnson

After 20 years of visiting many chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and osteopaths after massive spinal surgery, Isabel is a truly amazing find! She has an innate ability to put you at ease and I never fail to walk out after my appointment feeling far more mobile and most importantly, in far less pain! So much so […]

Emma White Turle – Make Up Artist http://www.emmawhiteturle.com

Due to the nature of my job I spend a long time standing every day which due to my posture was putting a strain on my lower back. Isabel relieved the pain and also taught me how to correct my posture so the problem didn’t reoccur. She is professional and understanding and phenomenally kind. I […]


I found Isabel online searching for an Osteopath in my neighbourhood as I was in dire need of treatment for neck pain. I was glad to reach out to Isabel. The treatments provided me with instant relief which lasted a very long time and the sessions were also a great opportunity to unwind. I will […]


An Osteopath who works out of hours is unusual. An Osteopath like Isabel is 1 in 100. Her approach is thorough, adaptive and supportive. With a genetic disc problem I visited Isabel in a lot of pain. After my first treatment I slept the whole night without waking. Isabel is engaged and talented. Working together […]


I had been in excruciating pain for two days due to acute torticollis for which there was no obvious cause. I had visited a GP who had prescribed muscle relaxants and mild pain killers, to no effect. Having seen no improvement after 2 days and with a long haul flight to get on the following […]

Thanks From Megan

I saw Isabel for a horrible shoulder pain which had been bothering me for a few months and it stopped me from playing tennis. After just three treatments the pain had completely gone and I could lift my arm up above my head. I wish I had come in sooner for treatment. If I ever […]