Tommi Sliiden

Registered Osteopath & Performing Arts Medicine. Resident Pilates Teacher
Osteopath, Tommi brings his unique West-End theatre experience to Fulham Osteopathic Care and also teaches mat work Pilates in Fulham.
Tommi Sliiden

Tommi trained at the British School of Osteopathy and was one of the first to be awarded a M.Sc in Performing Arts Medicine at University College London.

He offers osteopathic treatment and massage therapy to everyone, but specialises in performers, musicians and other theatres workers and their specific problems and is particular interested in voice and breathing. His work regularly takes him into West End theatres, national dance and opera companies, orchestras, film and TV, and he often visiting touring companies around UK.

Tommi originally trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and worked as a performer for over 20 years within dance and music theatre, internationally and in the London’s West End. Having performed in Cats himself in the past, he has been the resident Osteopath for the cast and crew of Cats at the Palladium theatre, and frequently visiting the national tour.

During his Osteopathic treatments, Tommi incorporates various techniques and methods, including:

  • Osteopathic techniques
  • Joint manipulations / articulations
  • Deep tissue / Sports massage
  • Stretching
  • Acupuncture
  • Ultrasound
  • Exercise advice

Remedial massage – Deep tissue/Sports massage, often focused on specific problem areas, with a specific aim, using various techniques. Often more vigorous, with more pressure, and can be complemented with stretches, if needed.

Voice massage – Remedial massage specifically focusing on areas that are important for the voice production:

  • Jaw / Tongue (including inside mouth using gloves)
  • Ribs / Diaphragm
  • Throat / Neck

Other Treatments with Tommi Sliiden

Swedish Massage: Massage using oil, with light or deeper pressure after request, for general wellbeing and relaxation. Whole body or just chosen preferred parts such as feet, head/neck etc.

Cupping massage: Rubber cups creates a gentle suction that lifts up the tissue underneath. These cups are then moved around to stretch tissue and increased circulation over an bigger area. This can be combined with either Swedish or Remedial massage, to enhance desired effect. By constantly moving them, you avoid the characteristic suction marks that you can get from static glass cupping.

Hot stone massage: Heated stones as an implement in the masseurs’ hands, can be added to either Swedish or Remedial massage to enhance the desired effect. The added heat improves relaxation and the increased circulation results in more pliable tissue enabling even deeper pressure, should so be desired.

Thai massage: A traditional combination of Chinese Acupressure massage with incorporated Indian yoga stretches. Massage is done on a mattress on the floor, with the recipient dressed, in various positions of sitting and laying down. Using no oil, a variation of pressure and intensity is achieved by using fingers, hands, arms, feet and knees. A session can take up to 2 hours, but a shorter sessions could be done, with the minimum time of 1 hour.Please, make sure to specifically inform in advance when booking and bring loose clothing to wear.