Tessa Viotti

Postural Specialist - Alexander Technique
I aim to help my clients achieve a perfect posture and ease of movement
Tessa is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays

My approach in my practice both personally & with clients draws largely on the Preventative & Restorative Principles of the method & together with my background in the creative arts & as a Yoga Teacher, I continue to evolve ways & means for each individual client (or in small introductory workshops & movement classes) to explore & discover their own natural well being. The work gives them the tools which they are then able to personally use in their daily living & general health management and at the same time, indirectly experience many therapeutic benefits.

My interest, passion & focus is on the conscious constructive educative aspect of healthcare & self management in the fullest sense of the words. My training & personal experience through various health challenges equips me with the ability to play a vital role in any well being program, tailoring to the individual needs of clients, especially in the area of stress-related anxiety & chronic tensions (both on a personal level & in the workplace) as well as addressing repetitive strain injury, neck/back & joint pain, all in relation to postural ergonomics. In application, the principles are also of great benefit in supporting any exercise, sport or fitness program. The work is also extremely beneficial to those involved in the performing arts ie. musicians, dancers, actors & singers.


I was born in South Africa of English/Italian descent. My choice at a young age was to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. However, as a teenager I stopped dancing because of scoliosis & spinal surgery. Fortunately, this led me to discover Yoga & a lifelong interest & fascination in the human body. I went on to study classical life drawing & portraiture at the renowned studio of Signorina Simi in Florence, Italy while concurrently training there, as a Yoga Teacher with Dona Holleman, senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher & founder of her own school: Centering Yoga. Back in Cape Town, South Africa, I opened my own yoga studio & also ran several teacher workshops while living in Johannesburg. My discovery & interest in the Alexander Technique evolved from my work as a Yoga Teacher informing, both my practice & teaching, with the profound & restorative principles used in movement and the impact of postural habits on general health, behavior & psychophysical well-being. I trained & qualified as an Alexander Technique Teacher in Cape Town with Walter Vaughn-Jones and for the last 20 years, I’ve worked in South Africa, Italy & now the UK.