Giulia Pavan

Pilates Teacher
Piliates is a wonderful exercise to maintain the health of your spine and I would love for you to join my class! :)
Joseph Pilates taught that one of the main results of his method is gaining complete control of your body. Pilates can develop the body, correct bad posture, restore the mind and elevate the body.
As bad habits develop gradually, proprioception is altered. Pilates is a program that uses exercises to change the way in which we use use our bodies.
I have practiced many sports and I was also was a ballet dancer.
I  started practicing Pilates late in my 20’s, fell in love with it and felt the benefits. I decided to make it my own carrier.
My aim as a Body Control Pilates teacher, is to help you strengthen your body in an even way with particular emphasis on core strength, improve your posture, muscle tone and flexibility. 
My classes are on Wednesdays and Thursdays evening and on weekends.

Remember that “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”(J.Pilates).