“Following a very healthy and active lifestyle I recently suffered a torn ligament in my ankle and after many months decided professional help was needed. I am also a long-standing sufferer of costochondritis, inflammation of the cartilage that connects the end of each rib with the breastbone, but had never had it properly treated.

I chose to see Shanilla Isabel out of a large selection of osteopaths, available in the area, her friendly welcoming tone, instant follow up and reasonable costs where my deciding factors. I have been receiving treatment once to twice every two weeks, and results have been very quick.

I have been very impressed by Shanilla Isabel’s level of experience and knowledge. She is a very caring professional and a great practitioner. Her methods and techniques seem endless. My ankle is improving week on week following the various treatments, and my costochondritis has also been prompted into a recovery period following the attention given to not only the directly affected area but the surrounding tissues and muscle groups.

I would recommend treatment by Shanilla Isabel to anyone, and once you have come for a consultation and received treatment so will you.”