The neck is one of the most complex parts of the body and there are numerous different tissues that could be the cause of neck pain including; soft tissue injury e.g. muscles, chronic wear and tear over a prolonged period of time, infections and tumours – although these are very rare. Other causes include sports injuries and whiplash,   rheumatoid arthritis and cervical disk degeneration,. Some patients may be experiencing pain in other areas of their body such as their upper back, arms or shoulders, which could be sourced to the neck.

It is therefore important that people suffering with neck pain visit a qualified osteopath who specialises in the examination and treatment of neck pain.
Fulham Osteopathic Care provides treatment for neck pain whatever its origin. Whether you are experiencing pain as a result of whiplash from a car accident, or a sports injury, Shanilla Isabel Diaz can create an effective treatment programme and provide long term relief.

Your Fulham osteopath Isabel Diaz will always identify the cause of the problem before suggesting a suitable treatment. The treatment programme for neck pain may include Soft tissue massage, muscle streching, joint articulation amd manipulations, exercise or a combination. Individuals that have been suffering from neck pain London can call 020 7736 1846, London Osteopath, Isabel Diaz at Fulham Osteopathic Care to discuss the best possible course of action.