Fulham Osteopathic Care , London to become medical specialist MBT physiological footwear fitter and retailer.

Purchase of MBT’s includes a 30 min Osteopathic MOT and MBT Intro Session with Isabel Diaz, Registered Osteopath, London.

Due to the specially designed sole, wearing MBTs significantly improves posture and gait and relieves stress on your hip and knee joints and spine.  MBTs also exersise a large number of muscles including: back muscles, abdominal muscle, buttock muscle, hamstring muscle and calf muscles whether you are walking or standing. This in turn stimulates your metabolism, increasing oxygen and calorie consumption, improves balance  and improves ankle joint stability.

For more information contact Isabel Diaz at Fulham Osteopathic Care on 020 7736 1846.