What should you know about Low Back Pain Therapy London

Have you ever picked up a toy from the floor, slept in a funny position or lifted a heavy box and in that moment you notified something funny happening in your low back, but you don’t quite know what it was. Next day you wake up and the pain is so bad that you start to be scared to move. You already tried pain killers, but they only took the edge off the pain. What is going on and what can you do about this?

We all are likely to experience low back pain at some point of our lives. In fact, it affects 80% of the population and has the highest prevalence between 40-80 years old. As an osteopaths we are specialized in diagnosing musculoskeletal diseases and treating them. National Institute for health and Care Excellence are recognizing the value of manual therapy, such as osteopathy in London helpful. Fulham Osteopathic Care offer longstanding results, not just to provide symptom relieve. We recognize the contributing factors of the pain and provide a management plan. The core of the management is to get the patient involved and educated about their condition so that they know exactly why they might benefit from the treatments and recommended exercises.

When you have low back pain, you may experience symptoms such as
– stiffness
– broad pain across the back worse for sitting
– sharp pain on movement
– pain at the buttock region
– shooting pain back of the leg
– weakness, numbness or pins and needles in your feet or down your legs.
If you experience any of these symptoms, osteopaths in Fulham are trained to recognize what kind of back pain this might be and the how to manage it manually or should you be referred for imaging.  The key to faster recovery is to book in for a treatment and stay mobile!!!

By Essi Suomilammi, Registered Osteopath

Essi Suomilammi


Back Pain Clinic Fulham